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Attorney Kristin OverboeA trusted legal resource based in Fargo, North Dakota, Overboe Law has a strong track record of success. The firm provides much-needed legal support through a wide array of situations, including divorce, custody hearings, adoption, and more. Highly respected throughout the Fargo area, Kristin Overboe is the advocate to have in your corner.

Service Area

The firm represents clients residing in several North Dakota communities. Kristin Overboe’s vast service area includes Barnes, Cass, Richland, and Sargent Counties. Well-versed in the complexities of North Dakota family law, Kristin Overboe is an excellent advocate for Fargo area clients.

Practice Areas

Kristin Overboe primarily focuses on family law. She is committed to the families of Fargo and surrounding communities, and determined to provide the best possible future for her clients and their loved ones.

Many of Kristin Overboe’s clients seek assistance with the divorce process. Filing for divorce and responding to summons can be surprisingly complicated in the state of North Dakota; it helps to work with a knowledgeable Fargo divorce attorney. In addition to assisting with the initial filing process, Kristin Overboe can help with everything from child custody negotiations to child support modifications. She also defends victims of domestic abuse and helps clients navigate the complexities of adoption.

Approach to Law

A truly compassionate attorney, Kristin Overboe understands the many sources of anxiety her clients face. She believes that these concerns can best be addressed through patient legal counsel and quality representation. Clients speak highly of her approach and she prides herself on treating her clients with the respect they deserve, regardless of their concerns or current legal situation.

You deserve exceptional counsel and representation as you tackle divorce or other family concerns. You’ll receive stellar legal service when you work with Kristin Overboe of Overboe Law. Get in touch to learn more about the firm’s range of services, and how Kristin Overboe can help you resolve your current legal situation.

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