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An Advocate For Your Family

Children complicate divorce and legal separation. Couples who otherwise agree on property division and spousal support may argue at length about the best arrangements for their children.

Whether negotiations prove amicable or contentious, it’s important to work with a trusted child custody and child support attorney. Fargo family law lawyer Kristin Overboe can help; she’s passionate about family law and eager to ensure the best possible arrangements for local families.

Negotiating Custody

Child custody is often the most emotional aspect of a divorce. Although some couples enter the process knowing exactly how they intend to divide parenting time, others argue at length about the best arrangement for their children.

North Dakota courts aim to minimize the emotional burden suffered by children of divorce. This typically means ensuring meaningful time with both parents, while also maintaining a stable environment and avoiding protracted divorce litigation. If parents cannot arrive at an agreement, courts may establish custody orders instead.

Factors taken into account when determining custody include emotional ties between parents and their children, the amount of time a child has spent in a stable environment (and the accompanying desire for continuity), evidence of domestic abuse and the child’s preferences (particularly for older children and teens).

Calculating Child Support In North Dakota

Official North Dakota child support guidelines utilize the percentage of income formula. This method takes both the parent’s income and the number of children requiring support into account. As with child custody, courts may intervene if parents are unable to arrive at an agreement. When establishing child support, courts may examine the income of both spouses, along with additional resources available to them and extraordinary circumstances that limit the noncustodial spouse’s ability to pay.

Altering Your Agreements

Changing circumstances may make former child custody or support agreements no longer feasible. Modification may be possible, but convincing North Dakota courts of the need for a change can be difficult. It helps to work with a Fargo family law lawyer, who can prove that job loss or significant medical issues make modifications necessary.

Working With Overboe Law

Child custody and support agreements could have a huge impact on your children’s well-being, both now and in years, even decades to come. It is imperative that you work with a skilled child custody and child support attorney to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. Look to Kristin Overboe for support every step of the way.

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